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  1. congratulations on your lovely new toy! I am almost feeling like I made the wrong color choice now when I got mine! love the pink color of yours! I went for candy apple red! haha I want all of them including the retro pastel shades!

    • Ahh thanks – we originally got cream but swapped it. It’s so hard to decide on the colour because they’re so expensive and hopefully will last for such a long time!! Candy apple red is lovely though, that’s the one with a sheen to it, right? When did you get yours? Were you as insanely excited as I was?! I could hardly wait to get it out of the box haha! x

      • Yes I got mine when I moved to NY last year…absolutely wanted one for ages! They are much cheaper here than in Australia where they retail for 750 dollars! I am really wishing I got the pink today though! yours looks nice and bright. Yes the candy apple red is also with the sheen like your pink has. I ended up going for red, cause I got a toaster with the same candy apple red look going on and then found a red nespresso machine too…I like it, but momentarily loving your hot pink! that was the other color that I was just could not decide between! Anyway, l love mine! I even made pastry for a pie in it two days ago. Love it!! Hope you have lots of fun in the kitchen with yours too!

      • Looks scrummy 🙂 So many recipes, so little time!! Looking at that post as well the photography is awesome, mine is so amateur and I have no idea how to improve it, any tips? Also, are you following me? It’d be awesome if you could 🙂 x

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