Homemade Gift Idea – The Scent of Christmas


What comes to mind for you when you think of Christmas? Mince pies, Santa, mistletoe, cheesy Christmas songs…?

For me, Christmas is defined by one thing; the smell. As soon as I smell “Christmas”, I feel festive. And everything else is borne from there; mulled wine, family memories, food… I could go on. Christmas is, without doubt, my favourite time of year. There’s nothing I don’t like about it!

Every year I seem to spend lots of money, burning scented candle after scented candle, keeping that smell alive. Until I came across this idea on the Internet, and what an amazing idea.

This is a great gift to make and give to someone, it’s easy to make and cheap to boot.

So what is it? Well, essentially, it’s the smell of Christmas in a jar, which can be used over and over again.

You will need:

One sliced orange
One sliced lemon
4 cinnamon sticks
2 tablespoons whole cloves
4 bay leaves
1/2 tsp red food colouring

Put all ingredients into a saucepan, with 1 litre of water. Simmer the whole lot on a low heat until the ingredients begin to release their fragrance. It will smell AMAZING. The cinnamon, cloves and fruit combined become the perfect Christmas smell.

When you’re done, pour into four jars, top up with water, and seal. Then give to your recipients with a little label of how to use them. These can be used over and over again, just add a little more water each time to stop it from getting too dry.

I think this is a lovely idea, and other than the jars it’ll cost you about 20p per gift! Bargain.

I’m very excited for our WI Christmas Feast meeting this Wednesday night and have to decide what sweet treat to bake to take with me… Decisions decisions! Can’t wait to fill my face with lots of nice food though – I’ll update you later in the week with how the night went.






9 thoughts on “Homemade Gift Idea – The Scent of Christmas

    • Thanks Claire! I agree, traditions are everything about Christmas and one of the most exciting things is making new traditions for me and my family! I hate to say it (and I must be the only person in the world) but I’m not a massive fan of Elf!! :-O I do love Nativity though, have you seen that?! X

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