WI.RED December Meeting – A Christmas Feast

20131221-120412.jpgWednesday 18th December was the night of our WI.RED (Women’s Institute Redfield) Christmas meeting.

In the November meeting, we picked a slip out of a box which told us what to bring to December’s meeting – something sweet, savoury or sparkling (booze!), the idea being that everyone bring something along and we all dig in.

I had been looking forward to the meeting all month… The thought of having so much selection of yummy food had me all excited and I think I talked about little else in the approaching week.

The evening started off with everyone depositing their goods, and as I was helping out with serving drinks I was able to survey the offerings. There was a fantastic looking spinach and goats cheese frittata which I knew would disappear quickly so I cheekily squirreled away a small piece for myself for later! My contribution was a box of Gingerbread Cupcakes with White Chocolate Frosting (recipe coming soon!). I was glad to see they were snapped up quickly!

Everyone helped themselves to the food and sat down. The tables were covered with festive wrapping paper and had a cute little candy cane for each person – well done Louise!

As a WI we need to choose a local charity to support and had narrowed it down to One25, Integrate Bristol, Frenchay After Burns Unit and Bristol Drugs Project. Representatives from each charity had been invited to come and speak, but only One25 and Integrate Bristol were able to make it. Each told us a bit about their worthy causes, then members could cast their votes on who they would choose. The winner will be announced in the New Year!

A few plates of food later (oops!), we were joined by Rose Hopkins, a local singer. She ran a vocal coaching session, making us pull all sorts of funny faces and producing weird noises, before coaxing a few tunes out of us. Having had a few glasses of bubbly, everyone was feeling merry. We even sang our first ever rendition of Jerusalem! For more information about Rose, click here.

Next month’s meeting is on 15th Jan where I expect we will all be detoxing… I may have to partake in a slice of cake from the tea stand though!! Merry Christmas WI ladies!



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