That Was The Week That Was #3

Sorry for the belated TWTWTW post – I had a bit of a full on day yesterday with quite a lot of baking disasters and a great night out with my bestest friends. I’m almost ready for Christmas now – all of my presents are bought and most are wrapped. I’ve finished work for the festive period too, yay! Here are a few snaps from this week.

Boots Soap and Glory 3 for 2 purchases – review coming soon. Click here to view their special offers.


Santa’s Grotto at our local shopping centre


Is it just me or is it impossible to wrap a football properly?!


Lola waiting patiently for her dinner


Seeded and tempered chocolate shapes from a work friend


Prawn Kare Lomen from Wagamama – Yum!


… And two scoop Core Sundae from Ben and Jerry’s at the cinema – yummier!


Awesome Secret Santa gifts – I have great friends who know me well!


I hope you’ve had a great week!


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