That Was The Week That Was #6


I’m guessing for most people, this past week has seen you all returning for work. Not for me, we packed off Lola to Nanny’s and went been skiing! We had a great time with our friends and managed to come home relatively injury free. Tomorrow brings my return to work, and the start of me trying to eat a little healthier. I’ve got some great recipes coming up, including the lemon drizzle cake which featured in last week’s TWTWTW and some spicy healthy chickpeas, but for now here are some snaps from the last week…

Enjoy x

I know I said I’m giving up dairy but…


All excited for our first run


Baking at altitude – blueberry and white chocolate cake


One year ago he asked me to be his wife πŸ™‚


Random wigwam in the middle of a ski run


On top of the world!


Awesome belated birthday present – expect a lot of meringue based recipes -Thanks Cat!


Attempt at eating healthily – homemade spicy chickpeas. Yum!



3 thoughts on “That Was The Week That Was #6

    • Hi Alison! Yes had a lovely time, hope you did too πŸ™‚ thanks so much for visiting the blog. The cake was yummy – you missed out. But I got the recipe and will be making it very soon so will write a post about it. If you want to you can scroll right to the very bottom of the blog, where you can put in your email address and then you’ll get an email when I post it x

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