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Since I’ve been writing this blog, I’ve had quite a lot of people, particularly friends and family, ask me which other blogs I would recommend. So I thought it’d be good to give you a list of my favourite blogs.

Before I started writing Eat Sleep Bake Repeat, I’d been follwing blogs for about a year. I use Bloglovin’ to keep up to date; if you don’t use it, and you follow blogs, you should. It’s an app which you can download onto your smartphone which tells you each time your favourite blogs publish a new post – you’ll never miss out on a post again, and won’t get millions of emails every time individual blogs update.

So I’d been enjoying these blogs and finally decided that it was time to get in there and start my own. These are the ones which inspired me to go for it, and which I love to read

<p>A Beautiful Mess

This is a really popular blog, written by two sisters in the USA. It’s really varied with recipes, DIY, craft projects, fashion and lifestyle. It’s got a lot of followers (they’ve even got their own app) and have some really interesting features on there.


Hannah is actually a friend of a friend and hers was the first ever blog I started following. It’s very down to earth and personal. I love hearing about her life and seeing the recipes she posts – I’ve made a few of them and they always turn out well. It’s nice to read a blog by someone “normal” and not one of the career bloggers who just do it for money!

Cake vs Scales

I feel like this blog is made for me a little bit – Katie is really healthy (I try to be but it doesn’t always happen) and she gives loads of motivational tips which can boost me when I can’t be bothered! Saying that, she isn’t a super health freak and does tell us about her failings, which make her easy to relate to. Keep it up Katie 🙂

Tinned Tomatoes

This is a veggie blog with some great ideas and recipes on it. Being a vegetarian myself it’s always nice to have more ideas! Jacqueline, who writes the blog, was so friendly when I set up my own and gave me some really good advice. Check this blog out for easy to follow and delicious food ideas.

Baggy Bulldogs

I just had to put this one in here. You may have seen pictures of Lola, our British Bulldog, on this blog. I completely love her. Baggy Bulldogs is a blog totally devoted to funny and cute pictures and videos of this awesome breed! One day, maybe, Lola might get her own post 😉

Sally’s Baking Addiction

OMG, the most awesome baking ideas and recipes. Sally is a creative genius when it comes to baking (how she isn’t the size of a house I’ll never understand). Plus her photography skills are MAAAAAD. I want my blog to be like hers! She even has her own cookbook coming out soon – how cool is that?!

A Thrifty Mrs

I LOVE LOVE LOVE a bargain, and this blog has plenty of them. There are freebies, money saving tips and sales alerts on this blog. I wouldn’t be without it and over the past year I’ve saved a fair amount by reading this blog.

Lily Pebbles

Again, a really popular blog which is pretty much all based around beauty and fashion. Some of her posts are a bit high-end for me, but she has some really great finds and tips and I’ve definitely learnt more about beauty since following her blog.

Miss Budget Beauty

As the name suggests, she writes a lot more about budget beauty products, which suits me down to the ground. I find her blog so useful, especially around Christmas time when she did some great posts about gifts to give in a certain price range.


I’ve only been following this blog for a couple of days but it has already made its way to my top ten. A fab baking blog filled with lots of the best looking cakes ever – you will want to make every single recipe, I’m telling you now. Read this blog at your peril, it will make you fat, and poor (from the amount you’ll spend on ingredients!).

So there we go, those are my top ten! What are your favourite blogs? What do you think of these?


9 thoughts on “Top Of The Blogs

  1. Great Top Ten – I have been using the A Beautiful Mess app to enhance my Instagram feed for a while 😉 I am also a big fan go Bloglovin’ like you. I have enjoyed looking through your selection of recommendations. Not sure if you know but I nominated you for a WordPress ‘Sunshine Award’ earlier in the week – please visit t to see what you need to do next if you choose to accept 😉

  2. Thanks so much for the mention – Sorry for the delay but due to Internet issues I’ve only just seen 🙂 plus you’ve given me lot’s of lovely new blogs to look at! 🙂 x

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