My First (And Last?) Birchbox Review


Have any of you ever tried out any of these monthly beauty boxes? Birchbox, Glossybox, Love Me Beauty? You pay a set amount per month, generally around £10, and get a box of beauty goodies each month to try out. It could be make up, skincare, hair care, accessories… Anything really!

I love to have lots of samples of different products to try out so when I first saw this on Hannahhotcakes blog I knew I had to try it out. Hannah subscribes to Birchbox and posts a review on each product she receives. I liked the idea of this so last month I signed up to Birchbox. It cost me £10 plus around £2.95 postage.

I waited excitedly for my package to arrive so that I could try the items out and write my own blog post.

How disappointed I was. I waited for almost two weeks for delivery, and when nothing came I contacted Birchbox to let them know. Annoyingly, there is no obvious phone number on their website so I emailed them. They reassured me that they would send another box which would arrive shortly.

Well over another week later and no box!!! I emailed them again and requested my money back. They gave me a full refund, but with no real apology, or phone call, despite me having requested a call back on three occasions.

I got my money back, but about 3 days after that I received my box… Which had been opened but was still intact as far as I could see. The items I received were OK but nothing special, and I didn’t really feel, had I actually paid for it, that it was worth a tenner.

Overall, I was really unhappy with the service from Birchbox, and have cancelled any further subscriptions with them.

Would any of you recommend any monthly boxes I could try? I’m thinking of possibly trying Glossybox next.

I don’t expect that Birchbox will care about this bad review because customer services doesn’t seem to be high on their list of priorities. But I have to say, after all the fab products I have seen on other beauty bloggers’ pages I was so disappointed in my experience 😦

I will be doing a small review very soon of the products I received… But for now… Sad face 😦


5 thoughts on “My First (And Last?) Birchbox Review

  1. I receive Glossybox – I got a year subscription as a christmas present. I have only had one so far as I had a similar issue with my first one … it never arrived – lost in the christmas post 😦 Glossybox staff were really helpful though and refunded me the money for that box and my next one in January arrive bang on time and I got some cute bits which I reviewed. Looking forward to my next one x

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