Homemade Gift – Nutella Hob Nob Truffles


Soooo…. I’m not really sure what to call these. Nob nuts? Nut nobs? Plain old Nutella Hob Nob Truffles?

Oh yes. These happened, and they happened good. Not content with the Oreo Truffles – they’re SO 2013 – I had a think to myself. What could possibly be more delicious? And more to the point… I was hungry and “fanciful” (don’t know if that’s a proper word but my stepmum says it all the time, and therefore so do I!). You know that feeling, when you’ve just gotta eat something naughty, but your standard store cupboard supply just won’t cut it?

Well this was one of those nights. I wanted to build on the success of the Oreo Truffles (check my earlier posts if you haven’t seen these bad boys) so came up with these. They’re pretty similar to the Oreos, but with different ingredients. And for me, the perfect ingredients. I’ve been known to smash a half jar of Nutella, smeared on hob nobs, in one sitting. Bad, naughty girl.

If you can manage not to scoff these yourself before they’ve even made it into the fridge, you could always package them up nicely and give them as a gift… Haha. Yeah, right, like they’re ever going to make it out of the house.

Here we go.


200g Hob Nobs
125g Nutella
25g butter, melted
50g soft cheese
150g milk chocolate


— Crush the Hob Nobs into quite fine crumbs. I pulsed mine in a food processor, but you could do it the old fashioned way by putting them in a zip lock bag and bashing them with a rolling pin. Slightly soften the Nutella – you don’t want it runny. 10 seconds in the microwave should do it.

— Lightly best the soft cheese, just to loosen it slightly, then add the crushed biscuits, Nutella and butter. Mix until completely combined. Roll into small balls, about 2cm wide and place on a plate. Pop them in the fridge to chill and toughen up for at least an hour.

— Melt the chocolate in a bowl over simmering water. Lay a piece of greaseproof paper on a baking tray or plate. Take each truffle and roll in the chocolate until it’s covered, then place onto the grease proof paper. The paper will help the truffles come off once the chocolate is set. Sprinkle with any decorations you like – I had some pink sprinkles which I used. Do it quick whilst the chocolate is still wet – once it starts to set, the sprinkles will just fall off.

— Continue until all the truffles are covered in chocolate and leave to set until the chocolate is hard. Or until your willpower gives in (about 0.2 seconds in my case).

This should make around 30 truffles.

Have you tried the Oreo Truffle recipe I posted? I’d be interested to hear if you make this as well and what you think!





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