That Was The Week That Was #10

This week I have mostly been working. Work work and very little play. I’ve spent a fair amount of time down on the Somerset Levels this week assisting with the flood situation down there. It really is horrendous – you can’t imagine the scale of the devastation until you see it for your own eyes. It’s like being in the middle of the sea, except there are a few houses and trees here and there. Entire villages have been cut off and people are being evacuated out of their lifetime homes to local village halls and places of safety. Worse still, the rain shows no signs of abating.

If you would like to donate to assist with the aid please visit the Somerset Emergency Flood Relief Appeal Fund. FYI – I have no affiliation to this charity, it’s just a link to give money to people who really need it at the moment.

On a lighter note… We have a new puppy! Exciting!! We only got him today and are still undecided on names, so once he is settled in I will share more.

For now, this week’s pics.

Christmas rolling pin’s first usage


Another first… I used my KitchenAid pasta attachment to make some fettuccine with pesto. Note to self – roll it thinner! Looks a bit like worms but tasted quite nice.


Sleepy Lola


Mini Egg and Chocolate Fingers birthday cake for my Godson


Funfetti Victoria sponges… I need these in my life


Mike’s new man-chair


Cheese and Marmite Scones – recipe coming soon. If you I’ve Marmite you’ll LOVE these!



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