Review – The Tea Birds, Bristol


The Tea Birds is a vintage tea shop, located on Park Street, Bristol. I’ve wanted to visit it since I saw it had opened last year, but Park Street is somewhere I don’t tend to go to very often. I kept saying I would go, but didn’t act on it until I noticed an offer on Groupon for an afternoon tea for two for only £12!!
What better excuse could I need?! I roped in a friend and reserved my table.
The Tea Birds, for those of you who don’t know, is where the retro sweet shop used to be on Park Street. It’s run by two friends who went to Uni together in Bristol and teamed up to form The Tea Birds. It’s a kitsch little place where everything is served on vintage and retro crockery and there’s bunting galore.
My first impressions of the place were good – it has a very friendly and welcoming atmosphere, and is definitely the sort of place you can sit and watch the world go by – you don’t feel like you’re just another number and being rushed in and out.
The Tea Birds serve a variety of teas, coffees and soft drinks, sweet or savoury afternoon teas, sandwiches, and a selection of cakes and cupcakes. Along with being a cafe, they also had a small gift section, full of handmade and vintage style knick knacks – a fab touch which I loved browsing through.
Jodie, one of the owners, served us and was very friendly and attentive, without being overbearing. She checked with us that everything was ok but didn’t feel the need to keep coming over. I don’t know about you but I hate being constantly asked if everything’s ok! If it’s not, I’ll tell you!
I was going to opt for a standard breakfast tea, but Jodie suggested I try a Vanilla black scented tea, which I loved! It was a real treat – I need to find out where this is from so I can buy some. My friend had a latte and we both ordered the sweet afternoon tea. This comprised of sandwiches, a scone, a cake and a piece of rocky road each. The normal price is £12.
We had to wait a little while for our food to arrive, about 30 minutes. This might normally be a little too long for me, however the atmosphere was so chilled that I really didn’t mind. It was nice to relax and enjoy the tea. When our food did arrive, my tea had run out, so Jodie kindly offered to add more hot water to the pot.
So – onto the food. The Tea Birds try to locally source as much of their produce as possible and they get their bread from Hobbs House, a Bristol based bakery. Being a vegetarian, I had cheddar and chutney and goats cheese and red pepper sandwiches. My friend had smoked salmon with cream cheese and egg mayo. The bread was DELICIOUS. So good. Also, the chutney in the cheddar and chutney was really tasty. We each had 4 mini traingles – essentially one normal size sandwich.
We each had a scone with jam and clotted cream. I asked for butter with mine which was no problem. The scones were served warm – YUM – and were perfectly baked, light and golden.
When ordering we were told that we had the choice of 3 flavours of cupcakes, or a slice of blueberry cake. I opted for a raspberry and coconut cupcake and my friend went for the blueberry cake.
The cupcake was yummy and I loved the fact that it had a few pieces of toasted dessicated coconut on top – it was a nice finishing touch. A slight bugbear would be that there were only three flavours of cucpcake to choose from – I would have liked a little more variety. They were all fruity flavours too, so it would have been nice to have something chocolatey on the menu.
We also had a piece of rocky road each. Again – a criticism here. It was delicious, however we were served such a miniscule piece of it that it was hard to tell!!
As we paid only £6 each for the experience, I thought it was great value, however in comparison to other afternoon teas I’ve had, I felt the full price of £12 is maybe a little much. Saying that, you do get the speciality tea so maybe that’s being a little harsh… I just would have liked a slightly larger peice of rocky road. Maybe I’m just a piglet?!
On the whole, I had a great experience in The Tea Birds, and for such a new business, I think they’ve got it pretty much on the mark. I’ll definitely be returning for their friendly, attentive staff and relaxing atmosphere. See you soon, Tea Birds!
You can visit the Tea Birds website here for more information.








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