Follow me?

Firstly, I want to say a massive THANK YOU to all of my lovely followers so far! You make me smile with your comments and I love find and reading new blogs of yours in return.

I’ve recently made the decision to move to a self-hosted website (my own site – yay!) which you can find at Click on the link, come over and have a look. It’s fully functional but needs a little more work on it’s appearance… It’s almost there though!

The new website is EXACTLY THE SAME as the old one, for all of you current followers. Except, it’s not got “wordpress” in the title. It’s still me, still eating, still baking, still… ahh you get the message!

There won’t be any more posts on this current wordpress site, they’ll all be on the new one. But no fear, everyone who currently follows this blog, either by email, Bloglovin, or WordPress, has been transferred over. So you don’t need to do ANYTHING.

Just remember, the new site address is different if you ever type it in.

And for anyone new who happens upon this post, come and see me on my new site!

So thanks, and I’ll see you on the other side!!

Kim x

2 thoughts on “Follow me?

    • Thank you! I’d be interested to know, when you go on my site does it go to my old or new site? The old one has a black header with pinky spots and new one is a dark pink header? X

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