Beauty Review – No7 Beautiful Skin Eye Make Up Remover


I work outdoors so ALWAYS wear waterproof mascara. No-one wants to be caught in the rain, with smudgy panda eyes from their mascara running everywhere!

This presents its own problem though: removing it.

For years, I have used and loved Bi Facil by Lancome. This is by far my favourite waterproof eye make up remover, however at around £25 a bottle, it’s not cheap.
I’ve been looking for an alternative for a while now, and I think I may have found one!

The No7 Beautiful Skin Eye Make Up Remover is suitable for all skin types and comes in a 100ml bottle (perfect for carry-on if you’e travelling). It has two layers, a clear layer and a blue layer. You shake the bottle vigourously to get the two to mix, then pour a little of the solution onto a cotton pad. I like to hold the pad over my eyes for a couple of seconds, before wiping the make up off.

This product really does remove all of your make up in only a couple of wipes, with minimal dragging across your eyes which can lead to dreaded wrinkles.

It is a little oily, however I use a cleanser or micellar water afterwards to remove any residue, so that doesn’t bother me. Plus, I would say it’s no more oily than the Lancome version.

The only downside to this product in my opinion is the packaging; there is no dispenser at the top of the bottle, just a normal bottle opening, which means you need to be careful when putting it onto a pad and you can sometimes use too much.

The normal retail price of this is £8.50, which in itself is cheap compared to its more expensive counterparts. However, Boots often run promotions when you have spent a certain amount in store, you get a voucher for £5 off No7 skin care – so I got my bottle for only £3.50!! Absolute bargain.

I would still probably go for my trusty Lancome if money was no object, but I have to say there isn’t much between the two and for the price, the No7 is fantastic value.

You can visit the Boots website and buy it here, and at the moment all No7 products are on a 3 for 2 offer!

Have you tried this before? What’s your favourite eye make up remover?


Sassi Holford Bridal Boutique Taunton


This is predominantly a baking blog, but I do like to mix things up a little bit and let you know what I’ve been up to. We’re getting married in December 2014, and whist I don’t intend to turn this into a wedding blog, I thought it would be nice to include a few posts about that.

I recently was lucky enough to visit Sassi Holford’s Bridal Boutique in Taunton, and had such a great experience I just had to share it.

Sassi Holford has two boutiques – one in Taunton and one in London. The Taunton branch have a great selection of dresses, from designers Sassi Holford, So Sassi, Benjamin Roberts and Eliza Jane Howell. Each designer is different enough that you’re not trying on the same sort of dress over and over, but they all have their own style and the four collections complement each other perfectly. They also sell a small but perfectly formed selection of bridesmaid and mother of the bride dresses. Sassi Holford herself is a self-taught deisgner who has been designing dresses for over 30 years. ALL of her dresses are hand made to order right there in Taunton – no imports from China here, thank you very much.

I have tried on A LOT of dresses without finding “the one”, so was getting a little exasperated with the process! As soon as I stepped into the boutique I was met by Kristine, the manager. She instantly put me at ease and was so friendly. She really made me feel welcome, like I was to b trying on dresses in my own front room (albeit a very luxurious and decadently decorated front room!).

Kristine is a real pro; she’s been in the business since she worked as a Saturday girl at the tender age of 16, so she really knows her stuff. She asked the perfect questions, and I felt that she really listened to me and understood what I wanted (you may think that this is a given, but when you’ve visited as many bridal shops as I have, trust me when I say it’s rare!).

Nothing was too much trouble – Kristine took me through what she thought would suit me then allowed me to choose what I would like to try on. After each dress she asked me what I liked and disliked then used that to choose another dress for me.

I was being quite picky and was starting to despair when Kristine suggested one more for me to try on… And what do you know, I loved it!!

As I was admiring the dress in the mirror, who should come over to give me advice but Sassi herself! So I got to have a good old chat with the actual designer of my dress – what an amazing perk! You can tell this woman is great at her job and loves it, why else would she be in the boutique on a Saturday? It’s clear that she’s passionate about her designs and finding the perfect dress for each bride.

I left with a beautiful notelet with details of my dress, feeling all warm and fuzzy. This was, by far (even if I had not have found my dress), the most fantastic and professional visit to a bridal boutique I have experienced. From the knowledgable and friendly staff, to the relaxing and beautiful surroundings, and of course not forgetting the exquisite dresses, it was start to finish a fantastic morning.

If you’re in the market for a wedding dress, I would definitely make this top of your list, whether you visit Taunton or London I’m sure you’ll have as great an experience as I did.

You can visit the Sassi Holford website here for more information.






Stop Press! Nails Inc Mega Deal For One Day Only!


I wouldn’t say I’m a beauty junkie as such, but the one thing I do love is my nail varnishes. I probably have in excess of 50 at home *hangs head in shame*. I don’t get to wear them as much as I’d like to at the moment as my job doesn’t allow for it, but I like to pamper my nails when I can.
One of my favourite brands is Nails Inc. I love the way they apply, the variety of colours and their staying power. But at £11 per bottle it’s not a cheap purchase, so I try to only buy the colours I really love.
Nails Inc occasionally have AMAZING one day sales and as luck would have it, there’s one coming up tomorrow!
The deal is 8 nail varnishes for £20 – full price that would cost you £88!!
Nails Inc haven’t confirmed exactly which shades are in the set yet but they are going to be from their Pastel Power set – there are some really fab shades in there.
This is a complete bargain for those who love their nail varnishes. Also, Nails Inc varnishes make great presents – in the past I have given two or three complimentary shades as a birthday gift.
What’s more, P&P is normally £3.95, but if you use the code FREEDELIVERY you can get.. You guessed it… Free delivery!
So, Friday 21st February, put it in your diaries. You’ll need to get in there quick as sets run out quickly.
You can visit the Nails Inc website here. Remember, the deal won’t go live until Friday. Good luck and let me know if you order them!

January Sales And Birthday Treats


I’m not going to lie, I’ve done well in the January sales. I have a little tradition of going shopping each year, normally on the 27th December, and picking out a few pieces for my birthday presents. It’s hard for my friends and family to buy my birthday presents, because being so close to Christmas it’s easy to duplicate. So people tend to give me money and I go out and treat myself!

Most years I do struggle, not only with the sheer hell of the volume of people in the sales, and rummaging through the tat, but this year I had a list of items I was after in the sales. At the top of the list was a pair of knee high boots. I’ve been looking for a good pair for years, and struggle to find any which fit me properly around the calf and come the right height up my calves so as not to make me look dumpy!!

I got some great bargains in New Look and was treated to some non-sale items in Dotty P’s by Mike for my birthday.

Below are some of the items I purchased and links to the websites.

Black boots from Debenhams


Tan boots from Debenhams


These were both cheaper in store – I’m not sure why they’re more expensive online. The black boots were £50 and the tan boots were £57.50.

I needed some thick jumpers as we’re going skiing soon, and also for general winter wear, and these were a bargain from New Look.

Nude jumper (I also bought this in burgundy)


Black jumper dress


Hoody – I actually bought this in a bottle green, but they seem to have run out of it in that colour on the website. The drawstrings have earphones attached to them, if you like that sort of thing!


I thought these tops would be perfect for layering up in the cold weather



Mike treated me to this GORGEOUS bag from one of my favourite stores, Oliver Bonas


… Plus these items from Dorothy Perkins




Didn’t I do well?! No more purchases for… Well, a very long time now! Maybe I should add “curb shopping habit” to my New Year’s Resolutions?!

Have you snagged any bargains?